1. Small Talk

From the recording Mansion full of Ghosts

From the album "Mansion Full of Ghosts" Released 2017


She don't like small talk
Or crowded sidewalks
She don't like small talk, she don't like to Say a lot but
She don't mind restful, sacred mornings Listening to the rain

She don't like big crowds
Or dreary storm clouds
She don't like big crowds
She's just a country mouse
But she don't mind listenin'
To my shaky voice chimin' out melodies
Or a glass of wine by the fireplace
Tradin' memories

She don't like the rat race
Or the numbing fast pace of
The city's mad chase
And smiley plastic face
But she don't mind fillin' blank pages
With perfect poetry

She don't like shiny people
Or getting' in to deep with
Phony deadbeats
Just poundin' the concrete
But she don't sittin' in a cafe window Watchin' the world go by
And she don't mind lifting up her soothing voice for a midnight lullaby

She don't like small talk
Or muddled dark thoughts
She don't like small talk
Or racin' against the clock
But she don't mind restful
Sacred mornings listening to the rain