1. Hummingbird

From the recording Mansion full of Ghosts

From the album "Mansion Full of Ghosts" Released 2017


She said “Jess did you hear that?”
There's a bird outside
“I think it's a mourning dove” I said
“I think you're right”
She said “when I'm here
In the glow of your charm
I feel so weightless and safe from harm”
Like no amount of evil can touch us here
You know that I believe in you my dear

I said “Meg did you hear that?
I think it's startin' to rain
It feels like summers closin'
It's tired eyes again
And the winter's clawin'
At the heels of fall
But in this moment we're above it all”
Like no amount sadness
Can sweep us away
And no amount of madness
Can touch us today

She said “Jess did you hear that?
What was that sound?”
I said “it's a foghorn from the docks on The edge of town”
I said “the ports get foggy
This time of year
It's just something you get used to
Livin' 'round here”
She said “I don't know what to do
With my life
Just take a look at you, you do what you love it must be nice
to wake up in the morning
And live for yourself
I feel so boring, like everybody else”

I said “Meg did you hear that?
Another bird outside
I think it's a hummingbird
it's a pretty rare sight”, said
“When I'm here lyin' in your arms,
I feel so loyal and safe from harm
Like no amount of craziness
Can reach us here
You know I found a place in us
That I hold dear”